In a sudden, poorly-reasoned decision, I have decided to learn to draw. This will be a public endeavor and each weekday I will try and post a new sketch. It remains to be seen if this will become a highlight or dreaded bit of my day.

I say learn to draw, as my current ability rivals that of a uncoordinated small child, or a clever monkey. To mitigate the damage, I will be drawing mostly in sharpie, ligne claire to be fancy. This should help me avoid most shading, texture, and enables me to link to wikipedia in my first post. Plus I’ve a ton of sharpies at work.

Other brief format notes:

(1) Initially the sketches will copied from other sources. I will post the source links, though they may bear limited resemblance to my incarnations.

(2) Random musings may make their way into posts, but I will try to stay on target.

(3) I’m new to blogging, HTML coding, and producing content generally. Apologies in advance for glitches.

– jkh

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