While bman continues strong, today feeling a tad automatedour dear red sharpie has failed. Longer time viewer/readers will note red sharpie carried us from day 1 all the way to post #28. Hopefully blue sharpie will turn out to be red sharpie’s spiritual successor and less critical counterpart.

2013.08.01 bman - wound up

Here’s hoping we make it through another 28 cartoons.

Welcome to week 6! The theme this week is the adventures of a businessman. We’ll be calling him bman as it sounds edgier. That’ll reel in the 18 – 25 reader demographic! Do people 18 – 25 read? Well, the comic viewer’s amongst them anyways.

Today, bman is rushing to deliver some documents.

2013.08.01 bman - doc delivery

PS our beloved red sharpie is starting to run out a bit…