week 2

Realized today was friday, so postponing the word association series until next week.

As proxy, today is abusiness man (playing off of this arboreal piece).

2013.07.12 magritte

Back to back vector cartoons in suits: silent shout to those of us working in formal attire or a poor cartoonist putting on airs?

I think I am getting a bit more confident with these drawings, or atleast I am churning them out faster than last week. Up for today: vampire.

2013.07.11 vampire

Over the next few days I am going to try a series of connected images. Stay tuned for the first multi-part series.


I felt badly for short changing the holiday, so today we have another comic with a patriotic bent. To be consistent, this one is also late and actually yesterday’s cartoon.

2013.07.10 patriotic eagle

No source link today as this drawing was independently conceived. Yeah, you could probably tell that already. If I had used source material, it probably would have been one of these.

PS using recycled paper, but this one showed through a bit. Guess the environment is worth it?