week 4

Native here is having a bit of a moral dilemma.

2013.07.26 fish-hunting native

I hope my spirit animal is an ewokThanks again, the internet.

Logistically, this wraps up week 4. I will be doing at least one more week, then will be reassessing. Might have a bit of a focus shift, might carry on as is, might take a bit of a break.

Taking a break from the word associations this week, might bring those back later.

Instead, this little piggy went to the ice cream shoppe. Inspiration for the inspiration here.

2013.07.22 ice cream pig

I could not resist the Gordon Gekko.

PS he got an extra scoop as consolation for the summer heat wave, my apologies to those on the east coast. Though, the heat may be responsible for the corpse flower blooming.

PPS I would suggest the botanical gardens are more pleasant without a putrid corpse smell, but I am no botanist.